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THOUSANDS of  Vibrant Colors!

In the past, if you wanted a maintenance-free home, your options were limited to aluminum and vinyl siding. They were available in only a handful of ordinary colors and each had limitations.Many parts of the home such as railing columns and decorative trim could not be covered and still had to be painted. On the other hand, if you wanted a wider color selection and maintain the home's individuality and original architectural appearance, the only other option was to use regular paint or stain. Liquid Vinyl Siding offers the 'Best of Both Worlds'; it protects your home's exterior like vinyl siding and can be made into a rainbow of colors like paint. Your local dealer can show you OVER 1,400 COLORS to choose from.

Unlimited color

With AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl Siding you are not limited in your color selection. Liquid Vinyl can be made into virtually ANY COLOR or custom color matched to a sample. Pick one color or any combination of colors. Be creative, the possibilities are endless! The rich and luxurious appearance of Liquid Vinyl Siding™ can improve the look of any home's exterior. Make your home the showpiece of the neighborhood.

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