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We are American Coating Products, a U.S. specialty coatings manufacturer that is committed to supplying the home improvement industry with some of the most innovative and highest quality coatings available. ACP takes pride in the revolutionary products it manufactures and brings to the industry. Our architectural coatings are proprietary products manufactured from unique formulations developed by leading chemists and formulators. The coating system is marketed, sold and installed by a network of independent dealers and contractors.

Our Products

Liquid Vinyl Coating, marketed under the trademark AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl Siding, first became available in the U.S.A. in 1985. After hearing about this long‑lasting vinyl coating system we were fascinated with the concept of using a permanant coating to eliminate the need to constantly paint but understandably, were somewhat skeptical. Could an exterior house coating actually withstand 30 years of weathering and provide protection similar to traditional vinyl siding? After observing hundreds of homes that had this ultra thick coating applied continue looking as if it were 'freshly painted' years later, we realized the potential Liquid Vinyl Siding had as a long‑term solution for property owners with the desire to end the vicious cycle of painting every few years and became the wholesale distributor for North America. AM‑VI‑CO® Liquid Vinyl products were produced by various different companies. American Coating Products was successful in acquiring exclusive world-wide distribution and manufacturing rights for the entire AM‑VI‑CO product line and consolidated manufacturing. This unique coating with its rich history of proven performance is now manufacturered soley by American Coating Products.

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