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Why Become a LVS Dealer?


We have strategies that can fast-track your success. You can immediately leverage these resources to execute and manage a business that generates profits at a much faster rate than doing it all on your own. Becoming a LVS Dealer gives your company a competitive advantage and helps to sell your other products and services as well.


Every dealer receives valuable technical training from the manufacturer and are certified to issue manufacturer warranties to their customers. Training in other areas such as sales and general business operations is also available. Our home staff is available to provide support and customer service. Customized brochures and other marketing materials are readily available to assist with your marketing.


An EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY is provided that can be expanded without cost as your business grows. Each territory contains enough people in need of our coating to enable your new business to be a success. Our one dealer per area policy allows you to operate without competing with other dealers to ensure profit potential.


Dealers receive special pricing on their product purchases. Additional discounts and free shipping are applied to larger orders. There is no minimum order required, no annual purchase quota to meet and we inventory the products for you so you don't have to.


Only LVS dealers can obtain the manufacturer warranty for their customers. A coating with a 30‑Year 100% Product Replacement Warranty that is non‑prorated, transferrable and backed by the manufacturer generally will command a higher selling price and higher margins.


Optimized websites are maintained to give your customers a professional first-impression of your business online. Leads generated from these sites and other marketing efforts are forwared to you free of charge. This can be a valuable asset for any business. Ongoing support is available to our dealers along with professional marketing tools, customized brochures and other marketing & promotional assistance.

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