It's more than paint, it's your PRIDE!

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It's more than paint, it's your PRIDE!

A successful company begins with a superior product. I challenge you to find a longer lasting exterior coating than AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl Siding. Paint sold today does not last as long as it did years ago when it contained lead and other components that were mandated by the EPA to be removed from paint. Home and business owners now find themselves in an endless cycle of painting that is a hassle and added expense. They are looking for a better solution. Liquid Vinyl Siding is a premium vinyl coating system that is becoming increasingly popular and capturing a larger portion of the painting industry.

Vinyl Proprime
The backbone of a high performance paint system is its primer. Vinyl Pro-Prime is specifically formulated to be used as the base coat for the LVS system. It is a powerful primer that contains special adhesives and vinyl activators. Its superb gripping ability enables it to adhere to surfaces that may not hold paint. With a higher solid content than many conventional paints, Vinyl Pro-Prime prepares a perfect surface to coat over a wide variety of substrates.


liquid Vinyl Coating
AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl is a commercial level architectural coating. The thick & creamy vinyl coating goes on smoothly and has excellent hide. Spraying is the preferred method of application since it produces a more uniform finish but Liquid Vinyl can also be brushed and rolled as well. Liquid Vinyl Siding dries dries to the touch in under an hour making jobs go quickly. This highly permeable and elastic exterior coating is suitable for any climate.


Why Liquid Vinyl Siding?

Give your company the COMPETITIVE EDGE! Offering customers Liquid Vinyl Siding makes your company to stand out from competitors and can get you into new markets. Homeowners get truly excited after hearing about a 'lifetime' coating that offers many of the advantages of traditional vinyl siding at a much lower cost. And unlike vinyl siding panels, Liquid Vinyl looks natural, like paint, and is easily approved in historic districts and communities with rigid ARB requirements.


AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl Siding is an established brand that has set itself apart from other so-called 'permanent coatings'. Thousands of homes across the U.S.A. have been coated with this problem-free coating system since it was introduced in 1985. With a strong pedigree and manufacturer's warranty, it has earned the reputation of being the 'Cadillac of Exterior Coating'. Liquid Vinyl Siding is an exterior coating that you can trust!

More Profits

The competitive nature of exterior painting forces contractors to lower margins to compete for new work and operate with less profitability. Liquid Vinyl sells at higher margins than conventional paint which can give a needed boost to your bottom line. Home and business owners are more than willing to pay a higher price for a coating that is longer lasting, provides more protection and maintains a cleaner finish. This can mean more profits for you!

Technical Support

Technical support team members are on call if you need assistance or would like to discuss a particular project. Liquid Vinyl Siding installation and certification courses are available online for licensed painters that want to become 'certified LVS applicators'.

Ordering & Shipping

There is never any minimum orders; purchase what you want when you need it. We keep products in stock so you don't have to. All forms of payment are accepted including bank accounts, debit and credit cards and PayPal accounts. Most productscan be delivered within 2 - 5 business days.

Liquid Vinyl Siding
Dealership Opportunity

There are many advantages of becoming a LVS Dealer such as Free Local Leads and a protected territory to operate in. Fees are low and There are there is never any franchise fees, royalties or percentages to pay. We know that you are going to like working with our coating. Why not consider becoming the authorized LVS dealer for your area? More information