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Companies have different needs. With that in mind, we put together several dealership options to choose from. We are the product manufacturer and make our money from product purchases. You don't need to buy a territory or pay a fee for the 'priviledge' of buying our products. We have a vested interest in each of our dealer's success. Every dealer receives technical training for the product's application, warranty certification and a sales presentation kit. You only pay for the additional training and supplies that you want. Special pricing is afforded to dealers for their product purchases with additional discounts on larger orders. Sales brochures and promotional items are readily available. By only paying for the items that you need keeps your start‑up cost at a minimum and frees up cash that can be used for marketing and building your business. When you work hard to build a business you should be able to keep every dollar you make.

Complete Dealership Program - This program includes everything you need to start and operate a LVS business. Training is included in areas such as product application, sales and general business and dealer operations. It comes with comprehensive manuals, customizable forms and templates, sample advertising many other tools to help get your new business setup. Sales aids such as customer presentation kits and marketing brochures printed with your company information will help get sales rolling. There are no selling quotas and you do not need to maintain an inventory or make an initial product purchase.Purchase just the products you need when you need it, no minimum order required. We can guide you through the process of establishing a coating business in your area. The training and support provided takes the scare out of starting a new business and can give you the confidence to build a successfull vinyl coating business.

Regional Distributor - A distributor is a high volume dealership with exclusive marketing rights covering an expansive area. Population density, marketing budget, number of salesmen and size of the inital product order are taken into consideration when determining the size of the territory. The area could be as large as a multi-state region. All product sales pass through the Regional Distributor. A distributor may have a network of its own dealers and contractors within the territory to maximize buying power and volume discounts. They typically operate with higher margins and profitability. We provide comprehensive training, start‑up supplies and sales kits for all of the sales people. Minimum product orders and annual purchases are required to maintain distributor status. You only pay for the products that you purchase, there are no other fees to become a distributor. A minimum initial purchase is required to get started. Give us a call for other conditions and details.

Just the Basics - This is a dealership program offered to existing companies that have marketing experience and simply don't need the start‑up material and additional training. It's a bare‑bones dealership that only includes the necessities; installation training, warranty certification, manuals and a sales kit with customer presentation material. Additional brochures, marketing material and other training can be purchased separately if needed.

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