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A Better Coating
for Your Home's Exterior

A fresh coat of paint not only improves the appearance of a home, but is needed to protect the exterior. Unfortunately conventional paint weathers quickly and needs to be re-applied frequently. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is a more durable coating that offers a higher level of protection for your home. At 10 to 15 times thicker than a coat of standard paint, it resists weathering and can last 30 years or more when properly applied. Liquid Vinyl provides the protection your home needs and will beautify almost any home.

Liquid Vinyl Siding™ can provide a maintenance-free exterior and offer many of the benefits of traditional vinyl siding without the ugly seams or problems commonly associated with using artificial panels to cover the siding. Nailing vinyl or aluminum panels over existing siding is not always a good idea. It may hide the old siding but may also create new problems. Moisture from humidity and rain can build up behind the panels and cause wood to rot, mold to form and makes an ideal breeding ground for insects. The damage caused to the siding underneath is not usually detected until it becomes extensive, and typically expensive to repair. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is a highly breathable film that repels moisture. It clads directly onto the surface eliminating dead air space behind panels that can cause many problems.


Liquid Vinyl Coating, a beautiful and permanent exterior paint.

Natural Appearance

Regular vinyl siding consists of pre-formed panels that are nailed over the existing siding. It can drastically change the look of a home and make it appear fake or unnatural. Liquid Vinyl is applied like paint so it does not alter the original architectural appearance. Its an elegant finish that looks natural like a fresh coat of paint. Despite its thichness, your home will still retain its unique characteristics such as the woodgrain pattern in boards.

Energy Efficient

Energy loss is reduced by sealing air leaks and eliminating drafts. Liquid Vinyl can bridge a gap up to 1/8th of an inch. It's an ultra thick coating that is better at sealing cracks. It also contains titanium dioxide, a crystal that reflects heat causing rays from the sun to help keep the siding cooler during the heat of the day.

Easy to Maintain

Very little attention is required to maintain Liquid Vinyl Siding™. Its smooth-to-the-touch finish has an anti-static nature that resists dirt from building up on the surface. It stays remarkably clean. An occassional rinsing with an ordinary garden hose is normally all that is needed to return your home to a crisp, 'freshly painted'  appearance. Stubborn stains can cleaned with bleach or detergent and the vinyl coating is tough enough to be pressure washed if needed. AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl™ is low-maintenance, easy to clean coating that can significantly reduce the expense of exterior maintenance.

Resists Mold & Mildew

Mildew just doesn't like growing on Liquid Vinyl. The vinyl coating is manufactured with components that resist mold and mildew growth. Although no coating can be 100% mildew-proof, many people who had mildew problems before applying Liquid Vinyl have told us that it never came back.

Guaranteed Performance

With over three decades of proven performance it should be of no surprise that AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl™ is trusted more by property owners looking for a long lasting durable coating. Applications installed by official LVS dealers qualify for a 30‑YEAR WARRANTY. The manufacturer backed warranty covers 100% product replacement should the coating alligator, blister, flake, crack or peel. Having a registered manufacturer warranty that is non‑prorated and transferrable can certainly increase the value of the property.

A Smart Investment!


Most people are not aware of how much money they have spent over the years keeping their home looking good. When you stop to add it all up, the amount can be staggering. Liquid Vinyl Siding saves you money year after year. Putting an end to expensive painting bills and spending less on exterior maintenance keeps more money in your pocket. cost Liquid Vinyl not only provides lasting beauty, but can add to value of the property to offset its initial cost. Over time Liquid Vinyl can be Less Costly than regular painting. Applications done by authorized dealer receive a transferrable warranty that can increase a home's resale value. In today's world saving money is important to everyone. Coating with Liquid Vinyl Siding is a smarter way to paint that PAYS FOR ITSELF.